Guide to buying the correct laser printer and saving money

Guide to buying the correct laser printer and saving money

Buying a new laser printer could cost you thousands pounds if you don’t buy the correct one for your needs.  The printer needs to match the volume of printing you do otherwise it will either be very costly for you in toner or you would have bought a cheaper printer one that would have done the job just the same but cheaper. Below is an example to show how selecting the wrong printer could cost you thousands of pounds.

For example you could go out and buy a new Oki ML-1910 A4 mono Laserjet for around £62.85 the toners for these machines are around £55.00 plus vat and prints around 2,500 pages so the cost print is 0.022p if you printed 1000,000 prints this would cost you in toner £2220.00 these machine is fine if you print a little not high volumes.

If you compare this with an HP laserjet printer P4014 which costs around £452.82 plus vat the toner price is around £112.00 with a page yield of 10,000 pages the cost per print here would be 0.0001 and if this machine printed 100,000 prints in a year the cost would £1120 if you printed 100,000 pages in a year which i have seen many printers do this in business environments you would have saved including the purchase of the printers. A saving in year one of £690.00 and every year after of £1120.00 if the printer lasted 3 years you would have saved £2930.00.

Although i kind of doubt the Oki would have lasted that long printing at that rate, it is the example here that is important. Again if you are a home use who prints a couple of prints a day then the HP would have been over kill and hence saved your self-money in not buying the more expensive printer.

So make sure before you buy a print you know the following.

  1. How much do you print ( Estimate how many reams of paper you use in an year)
  2. Cost per print.
  3. Consumable cost.
  4. Also check the price of other consumables like drums, photoconductor units these can be quiet pricey
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