What to do with HP Colour laserjet 5500 5550 poor print qaulity

What to do with HP Colour laserjet 5500 5550 poor print qaulity

If you experience poor print quality with these machines. You should always check that the issue is not with a faulty toner cartridge 1st. There is an easy utility you can use to identify the faulty toner which is the PQ TROUBLESHOOTING test page. You will get a test print form each of the toners and if one of the toners are faulty you should be able to see this. Below if the steps to follow.

1.Press MENU or the Select button to enter the MENUS .
2.Press (Down arrow) to highlight DIAGNOSTICS .
3.Press Select button to select DIAGNOSTICS .
4.Press Down arrow to highlight PQ TROUBLESHOOTING .
5.Press Select button to print the pages.

The printer returns to the READY state after printing the print quality troubleshooting pages.
Proceed to the below section for additional help on interpreting the print quality troubleshooting pages.

You cant clearly see the fault then you may have a fault with a the transfer belt, Fuser unit or laser scanner unit. please feel free to contact us if you need more information on repairs@london-printer-repairs.co.uk

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