HP Color LaserJet 3000, 3600, 3800, and 4700 Series Printers – Cleaning Cycle from Tray 1 in custom after every page.

If you are getting the cleaning message after every print or every other print and you are printing from tray1 and useing the paper custom size paper then follow the following steps and this will fix your fault with your HP 3800 printer. So before you call out for a printer repair try this.


Create a custom form in the server properties.

Goto Printer and Faxes window. Click File then Server Properties. On the Forms tab click Create a new form. Type in a form name, type in the dimensions , and leave the margins all set to 0 . Click Save form. In your application go to the Page Setup, the new form that you created should show up as a new paper size , now select this form. Print the job, there is no need to choose a custom size in the driver properties, nor a reason to set a custom size on the printer. The job should now print without pauses in between pages nor a cleaning phase at the end of the job.


Set the tray 1 size and type to the media loaded [or] change the tray 1 optimize setting to ALTERNATE. This can be found in the Printers menu, under CONFIGURE DEVICE\PRINT QUALITY\OPTIMIZE\TRAY 1