HP Colour laserjet CM2320 printer repair central London

HP Colour laserjet CM2320 printer repair central London


We had a customer contact us with an unusual fault with their HP Colour laserjet CM2320 printer because the banding would occur on print outs intermittently. The picture below shows that not every print would produce the strong horizontal lines with multiple colours so we carried out a diagnostic assessment to see what the problem could be.

The diagnostic assessment included a colour print test. Firstly, I thought that there could be a fault with the formatter board but then I saw that some of the marks on the prints were directly related to a worn or faulty toner drum unit so we replaced all the toners and tested the printer. Fortunately, the printer tested all OK.

This customer used compatible toners which I would recommend because they can save customers a lot of money. However, not all compatible toners are the same and they can vary in price so follow my advice below to find out what is best for you. To begin with, I do not recommend buying the cheapest compatible toners for your printer especially if your business solely relies on that printer. This is because some toners are just old cartridges refilled with toner and others are clone’s which clearly wouldn’t do their job perfectly. As long as you don’t mind a few failure prints, purchasing the cheapest compatible toners is Ok. Most importantly, I would say always have a spare set of toners on site for your printer and a spare set of the original toners if the printer is heavily relied on for the business.

Check with your supplier what the returns policy is. We promise that we will return any faulty toners with more than 20% life left with no fuss, as long as a supplies page is sent to us. We do this so you don’t have to pay any expensive printer repair bills for faulty toners. London printer repairs will also give you free printer maintenance if you use at least 2 sets of toners per year, not all suppliers will do this.

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