HP Designjet 500 20:21 error message in London

HP Designjet 500 20:21 error message in London

System error 20:10


Today our Hp Designjet printer repair took us to see a old lady who is still going strong our with our Business customers. The HP Desingjet plotter had an error message System error 21:10 ‘Severe error: 0 X 3010002 Task:TMECH file: sequence.c:758. This is a common error message which normally points to the service station. But before you go there you need to try a few things like make sure there are no obstructions inside the machine.

  1. Unplug the power cable
  2. Open top window door
  3. Move carriage assembly all the way to the left this is away from the service station which in the far right.  Do not force it if it does not move freely.
  4. Check for obstructions inside the machine
  5. Check carriage belt looks ok not disintegrating tight.
  6. Clean the long chrome carriage rod with Synthetic oil
  7. Check trailing cable is flat and moves freely
  8. Clean Encoder stripe with a non abrasive link free cloth.
  9. Remove Designjet printheads
  10. Reboot plotter
  11. Put print heads back in
  12. Check firmware

If all this fails you will need to replace the service station I would also change the encoder strip if it looks damaged

HP Desingjet 500 21:10 error message

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