HP Designjet 500 carriage belt replacement

HP Designjet 500 carriage belt replacement

HP Designjet

My first job today was in EC1, where the client had booked an appointment due to issues with their HP Designjet 500. They reported bits of rubber appearing on their prints, a clear indicator that the carriage belt needed replacing. Acting on our accounts manager’s recommendation, the customer ordered a new belt for us to install during the visit.

Replacing the carriage belt in an HP Designjet 500 is a relatively straightforward task. Once the plotter’s front cover is removed and the machine is opened, the belt replacement process can begin. This job also provides an excellent opportunity to clean and test the service station and other internal components of the machine.

The replacement was carried out smoothly and efficiently. The machine is now functioning optimally, ensuring high-quality prints and extending its operational life for the foreseeable future.

For professional printer maintenance and repairs, including HP Designjet 500 carriage belt replacements, visit London Printer Repairs. Our experienced team is dedicated to keeping your equipment in top condition, ensuring reliable and high-quality performance.


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