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HP Designjet repair from only £99.00 plus vat

Are you having problems with your HP Designjet plotter or does it just need a plotter service. If you have a fault contact us with your concerns and if you have a HP Designjet error code than this will help us to try and give you a quote. We can provide you with a estimate on your plotter sometimes over the phone. One of the most common HP Designjet plotter repair call we get is to replace the carriage belt so have a look and see if the belt looks frayed or if there are little rubber deposits inside the plotter. Take a photo if you are not sure and send it to us our staff are here to help.

Our engineers are normally available to attend next workings days and our HP plotter engineer will always check the Plotter over for problems that may arise in the future to foremost save you future downtime but also so that you can make informed decisions into if it is worth repairing the plotter or if it is time to buy a new HP Designjet plotter.

We at London Printer Repairs sell new and refurbished HP Designjet plotter and will off a free labour setup if you buy your plotter through us.

London Printer repairs offers plotter maintenance contracts and also HP care packs and we don’t only cover the London area. London printer repairs is local website for London we also have a sister site that covers the hole of the UK www.diamondsource.co.uk

So you have booked the engineer here is what you need to do to get the best result from your Plotter engineers visit. Make sure you have enough ink for your Designjet nothing worse in paying for a plotter engineer to turn up only to find you have run out of ink. Make sure you have spare ink, print heads, paper. Next the engineer is normally going to have to take the plotter apart please make sure there is enough room for the engineer to work on the plotter.

The engineer will need to be able to get around the back of the plotter and also someone where to stack all the cases. Next please make sure you have given as much information about the fault with the plotter, error messages.

HP Designjet

Design jet Plotter repair

from £110.00 + vat includes 1st hour of service
from £40.00 + vat per hour there after

Specialist plotter engineers available on short notice UK wide service not just the London Area.

UK and London Plotter maintenance contract

To view our maintenance contract prices  click here

Special offer

Design jet plotter carriage belt replacement. only £220.00 plus vat including carriage belt for most makes of HP plotters.

We also sell plotters and can help setup the plotter to your network for you. Our engineers are trained on Windows Servers. Call us now to book a service or installation. Call 0208 658 9926

HP Designjet

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Models of HP Designjet Plotter Serviced

We service all models of HP designjet Plotters here are just some we cover. Designjet T120, Designjet T520, Designjet T790ps , Designjet T795, Designjet T920, Designjet T920ps, Designjet T1300ps, Designjet T1500, Designjet T1500ps, Designjet T2500 eMFP, Designjet Z2100, Designjet Z3200, Designjet 750, Designjet 750c, Designjet 755CM, Designjet 800, Designjet 800ps, Designjet 815mfp, Designjet 820 MFP, Designjet 1050C, Designjet 1055CM, Designjet 1050c Plus, Designjet 1055 cm Plus, Designjet 5000, Designjet 5000ps, Designjet 5500, Designjet 5500ps, Designjet 8000sr, Designjet 9000s, Designjet 9000sf, Designjet 10000s, Designjet L25500, Designjet L65500, Designjet T610, Designjet T790 , Designjet T1100, Designjet T1100ps, Designjet T1100mfp, Designjet T1200, Designjet T1300, Designjet T2300 eMFP, Designjet T7100, Designjet Z3100, Designjet Z3100ps, Designjet Z3100ps GP, Designjet Z6100, Designjet Z6100ps, Designjet Z3200ps, Designjet Z5200ps, Designjet Z5400ps, Designjet Z6200, .Can’t see your plotter here?? Don’t worry just drop us a line!

Regular cleaning and maintenance are key in keeping your plotter running like new and avoiding unscheduled downtime. We have designjet service contracts that will fit into your production needs.

To book an engineer or get a quote for consumables or printer parts.

Call 0208 658 9926 or email repairs@london-printer-repairs.co.uk

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