Printer toner cartridge refills – Good or Bad?

Printer toner cartridge refills – Good or Bad?

At London Printer Repairs we often get asked by our customers whether having your printer toner ink cartridges refilled is a good idea. Whilst some users may do this and have no issues, we have found that this can often prove to be a false economy. We are regularly called out to printers that have problems caused by poor quality remanufactured or refilled toners. If you are thinking of going down this route we would advise considering buying high quality new comaptible toners or ink cartridges – these too can save you a considerable amount of money compared to original manufacturers (OEM) toners but without the hassle of refills. Buying cheap toners from auction sites can also prove to be problematic as often if things go wrong getting a return or your moneyback can be very difficult as often the seller provides no guarantee or is no longer listed.

We supply are large amount of compatible  and OEM toners, and through experience now have a goood idea of which toners work best for each good quality printer, certain brands may work well for one machine and not for others, but once you have a cartrdige that works for your machine you can start to save on every print.


Refills – We would not recommend these – especially for colour lassrjet printers

Compatibles – good value (depending on the brand)

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