Simple Steps to help you save money on your printing!

Simple Steps to help you save money on your printing!

Double dip recession, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Government cut backs…everyone is feeling the pinch!

We can’t solve the world economy crisis but we can help you to save money on  your everyday printing costs.

Step 1.

Print in mono if you have a colour printer where possible – the black is usually the cheapest to replace.

Step 2.

Print in draft – set your default print to draft so that you use less ink or toner

Step 3.

Print Preview before printing – you’ll be amazed how many wasted prints could be avoided by simply checking before you print

Step 4.

Use Compatibles – you could save heaps by simply switching to a compatible toner, the quality of these are far improved since they first came onto the market and they will not invalidate your warranty of your machine.

Step 5.

Go for Managed print – join our toner contract and save money on printer repairs. By simply using our toners you could avoid any unexpected costs on future repairs. Ask for details now and start saving £££££’s.

Call or email us now for details on 0871 789 1012

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