Why is regular laser printer maintenance is important ?

Printer maintenance

Why is regular laser printer maintenance is important ?

Any mechanical machine needs maintenance here are moving parts that wear and cogs and rollers become dirty and start to malfunction so if you want your printer to last longer it will need regular maintenance. Extend the life of your printer with an annual service at least. There are many benefits of doing this has stated below:

Why annual printer service and maintenance is important for your printer:

Reduced toner emissions – A well maintained printer or copier runs smoother and is less likely to leave annoying marks/streaks on the paper due to toner build-up from those little leaks.
Extends Cartridge life – If your printer is working efficiently you won’t need to buy a new one as often which reduces your costs.
Extends Printer Life – Maintaining the printer will mean that you are less likely to buy a replacement printer and save your you money.
Printer Firmware Update – These software updates give the machine access to the latest most effiecent operating system optimising the printers output.
Saves Money – Regular printer servicing will lower repair you costs in the future by monitoring the components inside the machine and keeping them clean from toner build-up and paper dust. ​

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